The Two Barn Farm CSA

How does this CSA program work?

CSA (community supported agriculture) has come to describe a multitude of vegetable distribution methods that support both the farmer and the eater.  In this community minded system eaters pay upfront to help the farmer cover expenses associated with growing.  In turn the grower supplies the eaters with access to the freshest vegetables grown with respect to the plants and the land.  In our CSA you are getting honestly grown, garden fresh produce without any of the gardening work.  In 2018, the Two Barn Farm CSA is going to move away from our weekly seasonal model.  Instead we will be selling “picks” that won’t ever expire and can be used at any of our markets or on the farm.  Our produce distribution method assigns values of one pick and ½ pick to our available produce on The Pick List. You will have full choice of anything that we grow with the some qualifications.

What kind of qualifications?

Well, for starters there may be limits on certain produce items for varying reasons.  As the season gets rolling this should be less and less of a concern.  I do my best as a grower to minimize these issues, but know that I cannot control nature and excessive/erratic demand for certain vegetables.  Production on the farm tends to be like a bell curve, while demand is super high early in the season for any vegetable.  You need to understand that I cannot guarantee the availability of everything all the time.  I do feel confident that we will produce much more than what will be pre-sold through the CSA.

The Pick List

So for those of you new to our CSA, this might seem a bit confusing.   The Pick List is really simple.  It is a list of everything we grow quantified into picks, either by weight, bag, bunch, quart, pint or number of something. For example; 1 pick counts as a half lb bag of salad greens, a bunch of beets, a quart of potatoes, or a pint of strawberries.  The values associated with a pick for certain crops do fluctuate with the volume of harvest.  Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, summer squash, zucchini, and cucumbers all tend to be like this.

We also have half pick items.  Bunched herbs, head lettuce, bunched kale and chard will all be half picks this coming year.  Things that are easily divisible also can be taken as half picks.  So say a pick of cucumbers is 6, that means you could take 3 for a half pick.

Sign up

First fill out the CSA sign up form

Next make payment using a credit card at our Square store.  Sold in multiples of 50 picks. for $200  To buy more than that, increase the number of the items in the cart before checkout

Or mail us a check made out to Two Barn Farm.

Our address is: Two Barn Farm, 717 Sidney Rd W. , Pittstown, NJ 08867

If at anytime you run out of picks, you can always buy more.   Just use the above mentioned payment methods, no need to fill out the form again.


 Volunteer work shares are also available for those wanting that extra connection to farm. To qualify for this volunteer position you must be interested, able bodied, and be able to commit to some kind of a schedule. Time requirements vary based on desired number of picks.

Email Jon at twobarnfarmnj@gmail.com or call 908 500 0101 for more info about any questions or comments.