2017 TBF CSA

How does this CSA program work?

CSA (community supported agriculture) is a loose term used to describe vegetable distribution methods that support both the farmer and the eater.  In this community minded system eaters pay upfront to help the farmer cover expenses associated with growing.  In turn the grower supplies the eaters with access to the freshest vegetables grown with respect to the plants and the land.  In our CSA you are getting honestly grown, garden fresh produce without any of the gardening work.  In 2017, the Two Barn Farm CSA will run for 23 weeks with five different share options.  Share sizes will be available at 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 picks per week. Costing 325, 487.50, 650, 812.50, and 925 respectively.
Our produce distribution method assigns values of one pick and ½ pick to our available produce on The Pick List. You will have full choice of anything that we grow with the some qualifications.

What kind of qualifications?

Well, for starters there may be limits on certain produce items for varying reasons.  As the season gets rolling this should be less and less of a concern.  I do my best as a grower to minimize these issues, but know that I cannot control nature.  You need to understand that I cannot guarantee the availability of everything all the time.  I do feel confident that given relatively cooperative weather that TBF will produce much more than what will be pre-sold through the CSA.  If at anytime you feel like this CSA is not matching your expectations, just talk to me (Jon the farmer).

In addition you will be required to choose a “pick up” day.  The available times for pickup begin at 12 o’clock(noon) on Tuesday through Thursday evening at the farm, Saturdays at the Stangl Market(9-3) and Sundays at the Clinton Farmers Market(9-1).  There is a fair bit of wiggle room, so if you can’t make it, or you forget, no big deal.  Just come another day.  Also it is our policy is to allow missed weeks to carry over for later in the season.   These missed picks can be redeemed in a reasonable manner whenever you would like.

Finally, you need to check your email and read the weekly update.  I’ll try to keep the rambling “farmy” section separate from what you actually need to know each week.  There will be a Pick List section listing the items being harvested and the amount of each item that constitutes a pick.  Pay attention to the Pick List because some of these numbers will occasionally change in order to match supply with demand.    Additionally, you should know that the beginning and end of a vegetables’ harvest does not always match up with the start and end of the CSA week.  Expect things to occasionally come and go from the pick list board midweek.  This is a good thing, and as a CSA vegetable eater you need to expect and embrace it.


All shares are for 23 weeks of pick ups beginning in late May/early June

Share sizes will be available at 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 picks per week. Costing 325, 487.50, 650, 812.50, and 925 respectively.

How to Sign up

First fill out the 2017 CSA sign up form

Next make payment using a credit card at our Square store(full payment only)

Or mail us a check made out to Two Barn Farm. A minimum of $100 deposit is needed to reserve your share.  The remainder of you balance will be due at the start of the CSA.

Our address is: Two Barn Farm, 717 Sidney Rd W. , Pittstown, NJ 08867

 Volunteer work shares are also available.  To qualify for this volunteer position you must be interested, able bodied, and be able to commit to some kind of a schedule. Time requirements vary based on desired share size.   Email Jon at twobarnfarmnj@gmail.com for more info.